Investment Training Course

1-day introductory training. September 3rd 2021.

Learning how to save and invest is not a luxury in life
it is a crucial part of securing your future and you need to be more informed.

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What to expect 

  • Adopting the 3 steps to investment success

  • Understanding the difference between investing, trading and speculating

  • Learning how to mitigate (reduce) the risks involved

  • Appreciating the difference between regular and lump-sum investing

  • Becoming proficient in constructing a sound investment portfolio

Course Contents 

Be an owner of assets not a trader
Learn the 3 Steps to investment success
Appreciate the phenomenal power of compounding
Tried & tested approaches to what to buy and when to sell
How to cope with market volatility
Learn how interest rates impact property and share valuations

Previous attendees include

  • The regular investor including first time investors in a position to invest consistently

  • The lump-sum investor 

  • The person who wants to manage their own pension

  • Company Directors, self-employed or people working in Financial Services

Quotes from happy customers

Short online courses provide our customers with the opportunity to mix live or recorded content to suit the pace of a busy life. 

The difference between day trading and sound investing is night and day. Thanks for a great mind stretching day. 


Web Developer

This is a course I wish I had done before I reached my mid 40’s.


Senior Sales Executive

The most intelligent and informative investment course I have come across. It minimises risk and maximises returns. A must in the current climate of information overload. 


Insurance Broker / Financial Advisor

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